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16 mai 2011

How Shortsightedness Brought USA, Largest World Economy, to Vulnerability - Marcel R. Alain (Éditions Nouvelles)

From one generation to another people believed that they didn't have to worry about acquired wealth patrimony.

In August 2007 nothing of all this was true any more! A Global financial crisis worse than the Great Depression was underway.

Experts were saying that the crisis was only a correction of the economic cycle.

Behaviours such as infinite need for profit were at the root of the current crisis.

The UNIQUENESS of this book

Analyzes and communicates in layman's terms the root causes of a very complex financial crisis whereas USA led the way into a Global Financial Crisis;

Enables investors, scholars, analysts and the general public to make up their own assessment of the severity of the crisis and its impacts for the next 5 years;

Helps everyone to weigh in past and present US financial policy and assess objectively the denouement of the Crisis to enhance their investment portfolio strategy;

Raises a greater awareness of how Major Financial Actors' behaviours – psychology behind the scene – have impacted America's financial policy and economical stability, and what should be done in order to develop sustainable strategies for change;

Presents a multidisciplinary perspective analysis that includes economical, sociopolitical and financial management to identify solutions that are most effective to address and solve the US financial crisis.

Prix: 35.00$
ISBN: 978-2-923446-20-2